About Leonard & Services Provided
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About Leonard

My Therapeutic Approach to Psychotherapy
I strive to bring a warm, compassionate, and attentive approach to the therapeutic relationship. I will do my best to work with you in realizing your therapeutic goals, however big or small. My clients often tell me that they feel at ease working with me and find my non-judgmental, calm approach to be very helpful in the process.

My Philosophy About Therapy
I believe that we all hold the wisdom to respond to life's challenges and that therapy is one way that we can get closer to that wisdom. I provide a mindfulness-based approach to assist you on the path to healing and awareness. We can create wholeness through evidence-based techniques and skills that can empower you on your journey to wellness. Together we can explore this journey in a safe, accepting, nurturing, and occasionally humorous way. Whether it is depression, anxiety, or a search for meaning in your life, we can use time-tested skills to create peace, joy, and a deeper understanding.


Training & Specialization in Psychotherapy
Through the University of Michigan Hospital, I received a wide range of training in the treatment of:
I have additional training in:
  • Mindfulness-Based psychotherapy
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Group Therapy

Vocational Experience

I have been in the social services field for over eight years.
Some of my experience includes:
  • Program manager for a community-based outpatient mental health clinic
  • Assistance and advocacy to victims of violence
  • Supervision of a suicide-hotline
  • Providing military and their families mental health outreach, educational trainings and referrals to ease in the difficulties associated with being in the military
  • Ongoing treatment of clients through individual, group and family therapy



Payment Options
Please contact me to discuss payment options for the various therapy services I provide.

Currently I do not accept insurance but offer affordable options for payment. Discounts can be given for buying multiple sessions at once. Credit Cards are accepted via
PayPal and in the office.
Simply click “Send Money” through PayPal’s secure server and enter the email address I provide you with during our phone consultation.