Thanking the Day

Gratitude is an essential part of life.  It brings in new opportunities by acknowledging the current energy of abundance in our lives.  When we are grateful we welcome newness while honoring what is already present.

If we forget to be grateful, we take life, ourselves, and those around us for granted.  This alone is perfect soil for growing hopelessness, sadness, and of course depression.  Apathy nurtures stagnant energy.

When we align our mind with gratitude on a daily basis, we offer the opportunity for further growth.  In our darkest times, and our most painful moments, it becomes the most crucial to find what we are grateful for, otherwise, the illusion that we have nothing begins to turn into a belief we have about life.

To Create Abundance, Vitality, and Opportunity in Your Life:
Before you go to sleep, take at least a full silent minute to acknowledge at least one thing that you are grateful for.  Do this same thing when you wake up.

It will also be helpful to keep a simple gratitude journal that can be used daily or weekly.

Gratitude is something that I keep keep coming back to again and again, both with myself and my clients.  I truly believe that it creates an energy around us that cultivates harmony in our lives.
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