Reconnect through couples counseling to create intimacy,
trust and enhance communication.

Couples Counseling

If you are experiencing disharmony in your intimate relationship and want to learn more about the steps you and your partner can take, couples counseling may be a viable option to regain stability in the relationship. A break in trust, an old hurt unresolved, or a new direction within the relationship are common reasons couples seek therapy. Alternatively, some couples decide to see a therapist to improve on their relationship--without having any particular issues in mind to work on.

Common Reasons Couples Seek Psychotherapy

  • Infidelity
  • Parenting differences/ conflicts
  • Conflicts between the two families of origin
  • Preparing for marriage or commitment
  • Sexual challenges

Couples Therapy Can Create Positive Change

Couples therapy can:
  • Improve communication and intimacy
  • Increase understanding
  • Reduce conflict
  • Establish healthier norms

Partners can contact me at 619-928-4625 together or separately to discuss how couple’s therapy will address your specific needs.

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