Moving forward from grief does not mean forgetting, it means honoring
in the best way possible what has been lost and integrating that
knowledge into the breath of every day.

Grief Counseling

Grief will affect almost every single person, because it is a part of living in this world. It is part of the natural process of gain and loss in life. As natural and common as it is, it can still leave us confused and powerless. Grief is our way of integrating loss into our lives. At times, grief is a vehicle for change, understanding, and growth. Sometimes, grief can be so strong, that it makes moving forward with life difficult, if not seemingly impossible. The death of a loved one, a relationship ending, an ability lost, an identity changed, or even a move can bring on grief. When grief stays with us for extended periods of time and begins to negatively impact our life, we may need outside help to assist us in returning to life.

As we move towards growth together, hope and reverence for life will be strengthened with support, compassion, and a therapeutic bond.

If you think you may need help navigating through the sorrow of grief and its impact in your life, please contact me today at 619-928-4625 for a free consultation to discuss treatment options.

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