Developing spirituality is the process of becoming more deeply aware of the interconnectedness around us, the meanings we place on these connections, and the relationship they have on the Inner Self.

Spirituality and Psychotherapy

A search for meaning in life, a fulfillment of purpose, a yearning for something else, and a connection to the energies around us can all fall into the realm of spirituality. We are all faced with the challenges of our own spirituality at various points in our lives. The relationship we have with the world is one that is unique to us. It does not matter if we are guided by a particular faith such as Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism, or even atheism. How we navigate through this world, in relationship to the connections we perceive around us is one way that spirituality is often discussed in psychotherapy.

Discussing Spirituality in Therapy

I offer an open approach to discussing spirituality, religion, and a search for meaning. Because I believe each person has their own unique gifts and routes toward their own fulfillment, I see my role as that of a guide that helps to illuminate the road to wellness and peace through self-discovery. Through carefully placed questions, personal insights, and a little bit of courage, my clients are able to tap into the wisdom inside and uncover (re-discover) the beauty that has always been with them. This creates a richness and playfulness with life that is not easily forgotten.

Take a moment, right now, and ask yourself if you feel in tune with the direction your life is going. Listen to the wisdom deep inside you and use it as an opportunity to reflect on what steps you need to take to be more in line with your purpose.

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